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Due to unstable Internet connection, my blog updates are very minimal. Mostly, I go to Barnes and Noble to send e-mails and to do my research for news scripts for UNTV 37, a television network in the Philippines.

Lately the Internet has been working fine. I wish it stays like this even for a while. I think that this is not an injurious demand. I am just glad that BN has free Wi-Fi service now; unlike before when I still have to login using my remote account with AT&T. God is good and I love it.


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In Bahrain

Am now in Bahrain, currently working for CFWP AIMD. It’s not bad here, but I missed my family. I like the weather because it’s warm, but I do not appreciate the sand storm so much. These past few days, it was actually cold. Imagine, we have cold days here in Bahrain. It’s true!

I am not going to be able to post updates here daily but I will surely keep writing fresh news from the Gulf, specifically about my activities at work and with the brethren, every chance I get. Ciao for now!

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Processing Updates

Snowy PathAll is going well here in NBK Bangor and NBK Bremerton. I am almost done with my medical and dental screenings. Today, I will be meeting with PS2 Davis at PSD to complete my other personnel requirements. After these appointments, I may be able to secure my ticket to Bahrain and check out from my barracks.

God willing, I should be there on 1 February ’08 as planned. More updates to follow.

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We are proud to share with you our Fortune businesses and if you are interested to learn more about this business, just visit the links below and view the online presentation. If you are looking to make good money at the comfort of your home, then Fortune is the business to turn to. Contact us at jarliam@gmail.com or by phone at 951-760-3576 if you are interested. Take care and God bless.


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FHTM Travel Business

We made our first business transactions yesterday. Two people reserved their flights on our FHTM Travel Portal and it felt truly great and satisfying to finally see our business in action. Thanks be to God and we hope others will realize that FHTM is for real.

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We have finally found, with God’s help and guidance, a business opportunity that has a tendency to make us financially stable and debt-free in the most amazing way: Fortune High-Tech Marketing.

We will be signing up today and we will provide more details on this website, although we will also have our own business website with FHTM. We are really excited about this home-based business and we hope to share our successes and triumphs with you in a not so far-fetched future.

God bless and keep charging!

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Still Unemployed

Not that I haven’t been trying to find a job because I am seeking employment everyday, but for some odd reason I still had no luck securing one. I recently updated my resume and cover letter and I have been getting responses from Monster and Hotjobs.com but there is nothing clicking yet.

Most of the jobs I find and companies offer require relocation or at times very irrelevant to my experience and skills. I am not really being picky because I really want to get back to work but I just feel that the right opportunity has not arrived yet.

I keep my faith in God for I know in due time, He will provide me the job that best suit my skills and experience and the right pay to satisfy my family’s subsistence and logistic requirements.

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