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Jobze is the gift
we’ve been waiting for to come.


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School is fun ’cause
friends are to be made again.
God, give us true ones.

(Ghie and Elle)

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Haiku: Odd Day

Seemingly odd day…
time being wasted again;
Had to do something.

Can’t think of it right
now, but I’ll figure it out;
Lord, give me wisdom.

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As I close my eyes
I fully remember our
sweet moments of love.

feelings of grand happiness;
Always on my mind.

Dreaming of you is
what I love to do…because
you are my true love.

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My family is
a great blessing from my God;
Truly amazing.

Gianne, Elyssa,
Ria and Jobze – they are
my precious riches.

Treasures of my heart,
More valuable than gold
and silver refined.

Thank you, o Dear God
For my loving family;
Truly heaven-sent.

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I just came home this
past Saturday from Japan;
Luggage lost en route.

Giving me headaches
because I could not check in;
Assignment finished.

I have to clear my
orders to report afresh
back to my unit.

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Haiku Crazy

I am truly fascinated with this Japanese art of poetry so in the next few days, I will start an all original series of haiku covering different topics such as love, religion, politics, and whatever comes to my mind. Enjoy them when they come!

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