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Gianne and Elyssa will be starting school again this Monday and they are full of anticipation to see their old friends and to learn more things about nature, science, history, and whatever subjects their schools offer. Elyssa is going back to Ysabel Barnett Elementary School for third grade, while Gianne will be attending a different school: James L. Day Middle School.

Gianne is now in sixth grade. She is part of the DMS student council and beginning band. Elyssa, on the other hand, is expected to excel in third grade as her sister did at YBES.

We are equally excited for the kids’ new adventures and academic challenges this year. As always, we’ll give them our full support and enable ourselves as trained teachers; to help them with all their home works, to encourage them when tasks are difficult, and to make them understand that life is full of possibilities–good ones will always prevail over bad, if one is willing to give his or her best in each endeavor to achieve definite success.


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2009 is here and we acknowledge all of God’s love, care, and salvation we experienced last year more than anything. He is truly our magnificent Provider and Savior.

As the new year begins, we brace ourselves for more challenges, especially with the current economic situation of our nation. Definitely, we are not alone in facing these financial and unemployment turmoils; it is a worldwide dilemma. God is on our side so we are not worried even if this world turns upside down.

Glory to God forever!

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Scholastic Updates

First trimester of school has just concluded and of course, as anticipated, Gianne and Elyssa again did a wonderful job, as they accomplished in the past academic years. Gianne received perfect grades which earned her another spot at the honor roll list while Elyssa qualified for the GATE testing due to her superior performance in her grade level. She is way advanced in reading, writing, and mathematics, just like Gianne when she was still a second grader.

Needless to say, Ria and I are so proud of our beautiful and intellectual daughters. Thanks be to God for blessing us with two amazing children. To God be the glory forever. More updates and photos will be added soon.

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As posted earlier last week, we traveled to Los Angeles to celebrate our international thanksgiving to God together with our brethren in the Church of God International. Needless to say, it was a huge success. We got there early enough to join the choir in the congregational singing and our seats have been actually reserved by the thanksgiving coordinators at the venue.

We’ve learned so much, of course, from our leaders concerning the true teachings of the Bible. This time, it was about the extent of the salvation performed by the Lord Jesus Christ. We’re so glad to have heard this lesson. Thanks be to God, indeed!

After the International Thanksgiving, we also visited Mama Fems (my mother) at Mission Viejo to see how she was doing. It was a joy to see her before we headed home to Temecula. Hopefully, we’ll get to visit her more often and our other kinsfolk to keep the family updated with everything that’s going on with the Liams. Until next posting, take care and God bless.

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Due to unstable Internet connection, my blog updates are very minimal. Mostly, I go to Barnes and Noble to send e-mails and to do my research for news scripts for UNTV 37, a television network in the Philippines.

Lately the Internet has been working fine. I wish it stays like this even for a while. I think that this is not an injurious demand. I am just glad that BN has free Wi-Fi service now; unlike before when I still have to login using my remote account with AT&T. God is good and I love it.

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Photo Gallery

Hi! Sorry we haven’t had time to update our blog lately. We’ve been very busy with the kids and many other things. One update that we’re looking into is the addition of a photo gallery. We found a cool site where we can create fantastic slideshows for all of you to enjoy. Keep an eye out for it. Take care always.

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JoRia Per Sempre

After going through years of trials and countless challenges, my Sweetie (Ria) and I  remain strong and supportive of each other, which enable us to face the more difficult times ahead.  Thank you, God Almighty, for keeping us together and binding us with Your perpetual love and care.

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