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JoRia Per Sempre

After going through years of trials and countless challenges, my Sweetie (Ria) and I  remain strong and supportive of each other, which enable us to face the more difficult times ahead.  Thank you, God Almighty, for keeping us together and binding us with Your perpetual love and care.


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Back to School Again

This coming Monday, the 18th, the kids will be going back to school. Gianne will begin her adventures and learning at fifth grade while Elyssa will get her feet wet in second grade. Time really flies because I can still remember when Ria and I were still teaching the girls how to read and write, but now they are doing it on their own with adeptness.

Good luck and God bless, Ghie and Lyssa! Enjoy your time in school and bring home good grades and plenty of newly acquired knowledge. Break a leg, ladies!

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Home Sweet Home

I am finally back with my family in California! It is great to see my daughters and my beautiful wife (Ria) once again. At the interim, I spend precious moments with my kids while they are still on summer vacation and Ria is not yet working full time. I can’t wait to get back to work myself but I have to wait for some paperwork from the Navy to make myself eligible for employment.

Anyways, it’s great to be back in the swing of things, particularly with the church activities in the MCOGI. To God be the glory forever.

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