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Processing Updates

Snowy PathAll is going well here in NBK Bangor and NBK Bremerton. I am almost done with my medical and dental screenings. Today, I will be meeting with PS2 Davis at PSD to complete my other personnel requirements. After these appointments, I may be able to secure my ticket to Bahrain and check out from my barracks.

God willing, I should be there on 1 February ’08 as planned. More updates to follow.


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Joey and Ria in New YorkMany things had happened since the last time we updated our blog. Ria and I went to New York for a chorale competition last December while Gianne and Elyssa had a short vacation with their Uncles Bill and Abet. We did not win in the group singing contest but we sure had an awesome time in the Big Apple. We took some nice photos and if time permits, we will post them here soon.

As for the latest happenings, I will be taking a brief assignment in Bahrain on 28 January. This is the third year in a row in which I will be embarking on an overseas tour. I like it because it gives me the opportunity to travel other parts of the world and still support my family. Communication is a lot better, too, because of the availability of modern technology such as wireless Internet connections and VOIP’s.

More updates to follow when I get to Bahrain. Thanks for reading. God bless us all always.


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