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Jobze is the gift
we’ve been waiting for to come.


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Jobze Coming Soon

Job Zechariah, our youngest son, is coming soon with God’s help. My wife Ria is scheduled to deliver our boy on September 26. We cannot wait to see Jobze and spend time with him. His sisters, Ghie and Elle, are equally excited to see their baby brother.

Jobze’s toys and clothes are ready; caring hearts and open arms, too. We await your coming, dear son. We love you very much.

Thank you, God, for providing us a very precious gift in Jobze. We promise to take care of him and love him with all our heart and soul.

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School is fun ’cause
friends are to be made again.
God, give us true ones.

(Ghie and Elle)

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Back to School

Gianne and Elyssa are back in school. Gianne is now in fourth grade while Elyssa, our youngest, started her first week as a first grader. Everything seems to be great as our daughters lively tackle their homework everyday without any discontent.

Elyssa, as always, is very eager to share what transpired in school when she reaches home while Gianne remains the quiet type and just work on her home assignment after school.

Overall, it has been a great week for them it seemed like. We do hope that it will continue being this way because this school year is a long ways to go. Keep charging, Ghie and Elly! God bless you always.

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Still Unemployed

Not that I haven’t been trying to find a job because I am seeking employment everyday, but for some odd reason I still had no luck securing one. I recently updated my resume and cover letter and I have been getting responses from Monster and Hotjobs.com but there is nothing clicking yet.

Most of the jobs I find and companies offer require relocation or at times very irrelevant to my experience and skills. I am not really being picky because I really want to get back to work but I just feel that the right opportunity has not arrived yet.

I keep my faith in God for I know in due time, He will provide me the job that best suit my skills and experience and the right pay to satisfy my family’s subsistence and logistic requirements.

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