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Getting Back on Track

Now that I have started to work on rebuilding my health and dental records, I am slowly getting back on track with my demobilization process. Hopefully, everything will work fine so that I will be able to check back in to my unit for our next drill weekend.

I am still in contact with American Airlines, in the hope that they still have my luggage on hold. I do hope that the luggage will show up so to avoid rebuilding my ESR (Enlisted Service Record) also.


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Haiku: Odd Day

Seemingly odd day…
time being wasted again;
Had to do something.

Can’t think of it right
now, but I’ll figure it out;
Lord, give me wisdom.

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As I close my eyes
I fully remember our
sweet moments of love.

feelings of grand happiness;
Always on my mind.

Dreaming of you is
what I love to do…because
you are my true love.

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I’m Home

Finally, I made it home back in the States from my ADSW assignment in Atsugi, Japan. I have one little problem though: the airlines lost my most important luggage at the airport. What makes the said luggage very important to me? Well, for a simple fact that I have my essential records there, including but not limited to my military documents.

An American Airlines representative left me a message last night about my luggage, but not the exact news I had anticipated. He basically just reassured me that AA is still looking for my lost baggage. It would have felt awesome if he had said, “your luggage has been found and we’ll deliver it to your residence in no time at all.” I am keeping my fingers crossed and I have high expectation that my personal effects will be found soon by the friendly staff of American Airlines.

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My family is
a great blessing from my God;
Truly amazing.

Gianne, Elyssa,
Ria and Jobze – they are
my precious riches.

Treasures of my heart,
More valuable than gold
and silver refined.

Thank you, o Dear God
For my loving family;
Truly heaven-sent.

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I just came home this
past Saturday from Japan;
Luggage lost en route.

Giving me headaches
because I could not check in;
Assignment finished.

I have to clear my
orders to report afresh
back to my unit.

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Haiku Crazy

I am truly fascinated with this Japanese art of poetry so in the next few days, I will start an all original series of haiku covering different topics such as love, religion, politics, and whatever comes to my mind. Enjoy them when they come!

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