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In life, the most precious gift we could ever receive is God’s eternal salvation. It is second to none but first to everything. It remains unfulfilled though until we receive the ultimate sign – the return of our Saviour Jesus Christ. But as we await that important day, we have friends and brethren to keep our hopes alive and our faith strong. Of course, we have instilled in our hearts the faithful words and promises of our Father God who does not lie. He will keep all of His promises for us and more. We just have to continue to put our trust in Him.

What keeps me going though is my wonderful family. I thank the Lord for blessing me with a wife who understands my role and obligations as God’s servant. For the most part of last year, I have been away from my family due to my military assignment. I miss my wife and my daughters so much but I have a mission to accomplish and my wife supports me in any way she could. She keeps me happy when I am down and she makes my heart smile everytime I see her photos and enchanting beauty online.

And my daughters, they are simply precious. God has blessed us with two lovely daughters with intellects that any parent in this world could be proud of. Both Gianne and Elyssa passed third and kindergarten curriculum with flying colors. They both have been recognized for academic excellence at Ysabel Barnett Elementary School. Praise and glory be to God for providing us the best daughters in the world.

We thank God always for always being there even though we commit mistakes and fall short of His expectation. Even when we fail to our promised commitment to serve Him faithfully and wholeheartedly, His love for us still unfazed. We are so fortunate to have a Father God who understands everything in our being – our weaknesses, strengths, and hidden qualities; and a Saviour who mediates for us in our faulty and erroneous ways in our Lord Jesus Christ.

No amount of words could ever express the gratitude I have deep within me for God’s unfathomable blessings and perfect gifts. All I can say is that my family will serve You, oh Lord, now and forevermore.


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Oh Hear our Voices, Oh Lord we give You Thanks

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This past weekend, I spent some time with the brethren in Shizuoka. I had a great time and it would only get better once we all gather at Ibaraki for the upcoming International Thanksgiving. If only my family could join me here, it would be the best Thanksgiving ever. Nevertheless, God will provide happiness and satisfaction to all His people wherever they may be. Thanks be to our Almighty Lord always.

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