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Back in Japan

I arrived yet again in Japan today at 2:25 in the afternoon. I thought it was going to be hot and humid but to my surprise, it was actually raining. Nevertheless, it’s great to be back knowing that I will be able to serve the brethren once again with God’s help and grace.  I am also glad I made it just in time for the upcoming International Thanksgiving for the month of June or the second quarter of 2007. Glory be to God always.


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Gianne turns 9

Gianne turns 9

Our eldest daughter, Gianne Marie, will turn nine on June 7, 2007, but we celebrated her birthday yesterday. Our princess is growing fast and smart and an opportunity to spend precious moment with her should not be infringed.

Gianne has that Monalisa smile that would simply melt your heart away. We love you, Gianne. Advance happy 9th birthday once again!

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The Liams

On Saturday, 12th of May, my father was buried at the Bonney-Watson Mausoleum in Seattle, WA. It was a very sad moment and we all felt the loss of my father, but it is time to move on and continue our lives without him. His physical absence will surely be missed by all, nevertheless he will be remembered deeply in our hearts.

Right after the burial, we went to Pan Asia Chinese Restaurant to have lunch and thereafter, we proceeded to my brother Paul’s home to discuss plans for future family reunions and to share our past individual experiences with one another concerning Dad. His passing away kept us closer together and that was actually our father’s most important wish for his family.

May God keep this togetherness last until we see our father again in the heavens to spend eternal happiness with him.

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My Father’s Wake

Today, we attended my father’s wake held at the St. Edward’s chapel together with my brothers and sisters.  All got teary eyed after taking a glimpse of theunsullied lifeless body of my father. My uncles and aunts plus their families also showed up to show their sympathy for my father’s death.

Guests started showing up between 6 and 6:30PM. They brought flowers of different kinds and sad countenance on their faces. A few offered a comforting smile which is appreciated and deemed as an act of kindness. Although that would not change the fact that my father has already left us, it surely brings a sense of companionship – a gesticulation which will not fritter away.

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Remembering my Father

My father passed away two days ago and I am heading home to Seattle, WA to join my family and siblings in their mourning. It is a sad moment for all of us but I believe that it is my father’s time to rest. He had some troubles keeping his good health this year and to see him in physical pain is really heartbreaking. I have not much to say about my father except that he had always been a truthful person and of course, he enjoyed being around with his grandchildren.

My father just visited us not too long ago and stayed with us for a few weeks. I saw the gentle smile and the happy moments he had with my daughters. That is what I wanted to remember – my Dad’s cheerful moments. I love you, Dad, and may God take care of your soul and bring you to His kingdom in His time.

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PRT in the Navy

On Thursday, I will participate in the Navy’s Physical Readiness Test (PRT) for my military unit. I have not been preparing for the pushup and situp part of the exercise, except for the run.  I play full court basketball at least three times a week in preparation for that. I hope to get an outstanding on Thursday for this PRT and I am quite confident that I will attain this goal with God’s help. He is the One who gives me strength and power so I am not really worried about this physical test. 

Also, another thing that motivates me is the fact that I will soon be home with my family. Whenever I do the one and a half mile run, I always think of my beautiful wife, our unborn baby, and my two lovely daughters. That is what I call “running with motivation” and this has done the trick for me on my last 2 PRT’s. I was able to complete the most recent PRT with ease although I did not prepare much for it through this method.  Ready or not, I am going to run the PRT.

May God’s grace and mercy be with the rest of the military men and women around the world.

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This weekend, one of the biggest matches in boxing history will be televised via HBO pay-per-view. I won’t be able to watch it because I will be attending our religious services on Sunday. I do not regret it because I am sure I would be able to determine the outcome when I get home. My good friends who are also boxing afficionados might even record and share the fight with me. For me, serving God comes first always before anything. I’d love to watch the boxing matches on “The World Awaits” but for now, I am more interested to be with my brothers and sisters in the Church of God International.

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