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On the Road Again

I will be traveling back to Atsugi today after celebrating another memorable Thanksgiving with my beloved brethren in the Church of God International here in Japan. I had an amazing time and hopefully, this is not the last time I would be spending precious moments with them. I will truly cherish these special memories.


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Travel Time

I am ready to go to Shizuoka to join the brethren for the scheduled baptism. I just got my leave papers back from my Chief yesterday so I am really excited for this opportunity to see the brethren once again. The last time I saw them was back in March when we had the International Thanksgiving. Truly, God is so good because He allows everything to fall into place for the sake of His children. Thanks to you, our Dear God Almighty.

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Slow Down Mode

I am so glad I have another Navy reservist assisting me at work this week. His name is SK1 Hale from Texas. He has been very efficient and cooperative so we were able to accomplish a lot in four days. By the look of things, I would probably be able to complete all the documentations for our audit by 7pm tonight. Thanks be to God for all His amazing blessings. I can definitely travel to Shizuoka tomorrow to attend the baptism of our anticipating brethren.

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The Pressure Is On!

The pressure is on as I continue to finish my unprecedented work load tomorrow. I thank God though that even my tasks and project are not yet fully accomplished, my request for leave on Friday has been approved by my bosses. God indeed is a God of love and mercy. Now, I will be able to see my brethren again and join them for Thanksgiving. This is really awesome. Ibaraki, here I come!

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Perfect Grades

When I got home from school on Tuesday last week, I looked over my grades and saw straight A’s on my grade report for the first time this school year! So I showed my grades to my mom and she was so surprised and she hugged and kissed me tenderly. That is because I had a B+ on my overall score for math before. But then, I got an A for my math test and that’s how I got an A- overall. The other overall scores for my other subjects were A’s. All in all, that’s the story of my perfect grades.

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Remembering the Innocents

To all the families and friends of those who were brutally murdered at VA Tech, we extend to you our deepest and sincerest sympathy. You have our prayers in these trying and difficult times. Have faith that someday true justice will be served. May God keep you in His care.

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“Sleeping Child”

I happened to come across this song performed by Michael Learns to Rock in Youtube and I would like to share it with everybody, especially to my wife and our unborn baby. Enjoy watching!

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